Top 5 Worst Cruise Ship Accidents In The World

Cruise ships are oftentimes considered one of the best ways to travel other parts of the world. Whether it’s the Disney Cruise Lines or the Carnival Cruises, you’ll come to find that cruises are always extremely perfect for seeing other parts of the globe while enjoying amenities found on the cruise. However, there are many accidents that have taken place at these cruise ships. While they are definitely very safe, there are several accidents that haven’t taken place on these cruise ships over the past few years.

5. Club Royale


This cruise isn’t considered one of the worst, but it does show the typical problems that most cruise ships have to deal with. When the Eric Hurricane took place, this cruise actually stopped short. It stopped entirely because of the strength of the hurricane. Clearly, Club Royale did not have it easy when continuing down the road to getting clients for the future.

4. Costa Concordia


Costa Concordia actually nearly drowned in January of 2012. The ship was dealing with normal experiences until something went wrong within the ship. As the accident took place, there were more than 4,200 people who actually were on board during the entire thing. About 32 people died during the accident, and several of the remains of the few dead people were found about two years after. Costa Concordia caused a huge mess, and many people still remain fearful of jumping on any cruise within their dock area.

3. Morro Castle


Morro Castle is one of the few that had a huge accident that didn’t relate too much to drowning the cruise. Oftentimes, drowning is the only main problem that could take place. If something were to happen on the boat, there is no place to run to except to jump off the boat. What most people don’t realize is that fires do take place on ships. On this specific one, a fire took place and killed over 150 people. The fire fled from one location of the boat to another.

2. Royal Pacific Cruise


Boats can hit other boats in an instant if not properly guided. This specific boat actually hit another boat that had fisherman. This ended up breaking certain areas of his cruise. It ended up killing more than 30 people because of the severity of the crash. This collision can still be easily avoided with proper controls of the boat and a sailor who understands their job well.

1. Titanic


The ultimate worst accident to happen on a cruise ship is the Titanic which drowned in the early 1900’s. Having been drowned in April of 1912, you’ll come to find that the Titanic is the main cruise ship accident that was actually turned into a major motion picture. Weight the movie has many different changes made to it that were fictional, there were many things that hold true to the story. More than 1,500 people died during the accident, and many hidden stories, relationships, and families were torn apart during the event.

These five accidents all happened many years ago. While cruise ships are dangerous and may have accidents, they are still safe. Many cruise ship companies work hard to handle situations professionally while also preventing potential accidents from taking place.

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