Kids have come to love the razor scooters for their style, individuality, and durability. Being able to do more than just scoot around, the better quality the scooter, the more tricks the user can perform. With so many manufacturers competing for the business in this competitive market, it can be really challenging to find the right scooter. To help you to eliminate any confusion, here is a list of the top 10 best razor scooters reviews.

10. The Micro Maxi-Kick Scooter


The Micro Maxi scooter is perfect for kids between 6 and 10 years old. It has become the hottest scooter of this early season. With the unique three wheel construction, the ultra lean steering mechanism allow the rider to carve and curve at will. The scooter gives the rider the feeling that they are surfing on the sidewalk. The lightweight construct allows rider to easily carry the scooter anywhere, and can quickly be stored in the garage or back of vehicle.

9. The Mini Micro Scooter


Also known as the Mini Kick, the Mini Micro is a razor scooter 3 wheel construction is perfect for kids under 5 years of age. This award winning design provides children a unique learning to steer mechanism, allowing them to safely curve from the left to the right. The small wheels are made from high quality polyurethane, allowing them to simply glide on the sidewalk. The deck is large enough for the child to easily place both feet on top at the same time.

8. Razor A3 Kick Scooter


Made from sturdy aircraft grade aluminum, the Razor A3 scooter has a springless shock absorber system that makes the ride smooth and seamless. The rear fender braking system allows the user to stop on a dime, complete with a unique wheelie bar design. The folding mechanism allows for easy carrying or storing in any size vehicle. Easily supports 140 pounds, recommended for children 5 years old and above.

7. Razor PowerWing Caster Scooter


The steel beam construction of the PowerWing scooter and high polymer wings allow the user to really take this ride to the next level. The dual inclined casters and three wheel design provide the stability any level rider will enjoy. Foam grips and a easily accessible hand brake provide additional safely features that parents especially will appreciate. The stability bars are removable for those riders who have mastered riding the scooter.

6. Razor A5 LUX Scooter


With the A5 Razor Lux scooter, this 200 capacity ride is perfect for users 8 years old and above. The aluminum T frame and deck provide a higher level of performance, even on the most bumpy of roadways. The rear fender brake helps the rider to stop the scooter quickly, and the patented folding design allows ride to easily carry or store the ride when not in use.

5. Razor A2 Kick Scooter


The A2 Razor scooter is comprised of aircraft grade aluminum, unique folding design, and patented tube design. The thin inline wheels give the ride the ability to navigate the most difficult terrains easily, and make those sharp cuts when needed. The all new wheelie bar and rear brake are features that make this brand scooter the leader in the industry.

4. Micro Kick Scooter


The Micro kick scooter offers its award winning design for the younger crowd who want to experience the ride of the scooter, but still in a very safe manner. The 3 wheel construction offers balance and stability, so the younger users can quickly get accustomed to the movement of this unique ride. made of high quality components, the scooter can handle even the most harsh usage.

3. Razor Cruiser Scooter


The Razor Cruiser scooter has a flexible and weight absorbing wooden deck that will give the rider the feeling they are floating on air. The unique rear brake system gives the rider the ability to easily control the ride at any speeds. Adjustable handlebars, large wheels, and a unique folding system, just some of the features of the top rated scooters in the world.

2. Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter


The Fusion Z300 scooter has cast iron wheels, lightweight fork design, and a triple headset clamp. The HIC compression system allows the rider to move effortlessly around the grounds and feel less impact during hops and jumps.

1. Y-volution Yfliker F1 Scooter


The Y Volution F1 scooter was built with the family on the go in mind. Reinforced steel frame, sturdy design, hand brake, and industrial grade casters, some of the unique features of this top rated scooter.

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