Top 10 Best Golf Shoes In 2021 REVIEWS

Golf is a game where precision and consistency are key components to success. Golfers around the world are always looking for anything to aid them in lowering their handicap. New clubs, premium multilayer golf balls, and laser range finders are all popular choices to do that, but consistency begins with stability and that starts at your feet.

Golf shoes are often an afterthought for many golfers, but the stability and comfort they provide should not be overlooked. There are so many options now available that it may seem daunting to sort through them all, but don’t worry! Below you will find the Top Ten Golf Shoes for 2019!

10 Adidas Men’s Adipower S Boost 2 Golf Shoes

10 Adidas Men's Adipower S Boost 2 Golf Shoes

This golf shoe looks and feels more like a running shoe. It has the signature Adidas look and spikeless design mean that you could easily wear this off course without any funny looks from strangers. Lightweight and made with soft materials, it’s a good choice for a day on the course.

9 New Balance Men’s NBG574 Golf Shoes

9 New Balance Men's NBG574 Golf Shoes

New Balance took the design of one of their most popular shoes, the 574, and turned it into a golf shoe. It has a waterproof leather upper and traditional plastic spikes on the bottom. Comfort and simplicity are the name of the game here.

8 Adidas Men’s Tour360 2.0 Golf Shoes

8 Adidas Men's Tour360 2.0 Golf Shoes

The Tour360 2.0 looks a bit more like your traditional golf shoe. The leather upper and simple design give the shoe a clean look. Adidas’ 360WRAP provides added support for increased stability. Not as many color options as some of the others, but the clean white shoe doesn’t really need it.

7 Adidas Men’s Adipower Bounce Golf Shoes

7 Adidas Men's Adipower Bounce Golf Shoes

Like the Adipower Boost, the Bounce looks less like a golf shoe than a running or walking shoe. Bounce foam runs the length of the shoe to provide excellent cushioning. It also has a wider, rounded toe for added stability, making it a good choice for those that like to play from the rough.

6 Footjoy Men’s Hyperflex II Golf Shoes

6 Footjoy Men's Hyperflex II Golf Shoes

Most Footjoy golf shoes have a more traditional look, but you won’t find that here! The Hyperflex II has an athletic mesh upper that looks like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie. The sole has plastic spikes that are strategically positioned for stability and comfort. While it looks different, it’s hard to go wrong with Footjoy.

5 New Balance Men’s Sweeper Golf Shoes

5 New Balance Men's Sweeper Golf Shoes

The New Balance Sweeper looks like a run of the mill sneaker, with only a white and black color option. It’s a lesser known shoe, but receives high marks for comfort, waterproof construction, and quality spikes.

4 Adidas Men’s CP Traxion SL Golf Shoes

4 Adidas Men's CP Traxion SL Golf Shoes

The Traxion SL is another spikeless design from Adidas. It has unique X-shaped lugs on the bottom of the shoe to ensure that your feet stay planted. The sole is designed to be thinner, keeping you closer to the ground and thus, more stable.

3 Woodworm Golf Men’s Surge V3 Golf Shoes

3 Woodworm Golf Men's Surge V3 Golf Shoes

Probably the most stylish and modern shoe on this list, the Surge V3 looks great! It’s a spikeless design with leather upper and a cushioned rubber sole. The Surge V3 is comfortable, stylish, and has 12-month waterproof warranty.

2 Puma Men’s Grip Fusion Golf Shoes

2 Puma Men's Grip Fusion Golf Shoes

The Puma Grip Fusion is an athletic looking golf shoe with a mesh design for breathability and an Organic Traction sole with directional lugs for added grip. FusionFoam provides plenty of cushion for a long day on the course.

1 Under Armour Men’s Tour Tips Knit Golf Shoes

1 Under Armour Men's Tour Tips Knit Golf Shoes

The Tour Tips Knit golf shoe, as the name implies, has a premium knit upper with Storm technology to repel water, giving it a 2-year limited waterproof warranty. It has a cork-covered footbed and the spikeless outsole is designed to resist rotational force for exceptional traction. It’s stylish, lightweight, and comfortable. Practically the trademark of Under Armour.

Golf Shoes Galore!

There are more options than ever for those looking for a good golf shoe. The added competition has been a boon to consumers, as they now have more and better options to choose from, than years past. There’s a shoe out there for anyone and everyone and if you aren’t already using golf shoes, it may just help your game. If nothing else, you’ll be more comfortable walking off the green, even after that double bogey!

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