Top 10 Best Flat Workout Benches 2021 REVIEWS

The flat bench is a piece of exercise equipment that allows you to customize your workout to your needs and the parts of your body that need the most attention. With so many of these benches on the market, users can easily become overwhelmed when shopping for the best model. This list of the top 10 best flat workout benches reviews will help you to narrow down your search and choose the bench that is best for your specific needs.

10. The Marcy Utility Flat Bench


This flat bench by Marcy is not only extremely comfortable for all levels user, it is strong enough to handle any level workout routine. The powdered finish of the bench is durable and long lasting, allowing you to incorporate with other pieces of equipment to really ramp up your routines. Perfect size to fit in any garage, room, or office.

9. The Cap Barbell Flat Bench


The Cap flat bench has a powder coated tubular frame made of steel that can withstand even the most challenging exercise routines. The box stitch padding is both durable and comfortable, allowing you to exercise for longer periods with experiencing any discomfort. The unit is designed for users to perform a variety of dumbbell exercises, body weight and core routines. The capacity of the flat bench is 300 pounds.

8. The Soozier Flat Weight & Exercise Bench


The flat bench by Soozier is designed for both exercise and flat weight routines. The sturdy reinforced steel frame provides any level user a stable platform for completing even the most rigorous routines. In order to accommodate a full body workout, this flat bench can be used for a variety of routines. In order to handle the more challenging workout routine, this flat bench is a vital piece of exercise equipment.

7. Universal 5 Position Flat Weight Bench


The Universal flat bench provides users the ability to adjust the bench into five different resistance positions. This will help the user increase the level and quantity of exercise routines. This bench helps to challenge both your upper body and your core. The contoured shape of the flat bench and five inch rollers make certain the workout routine is both comfortable and safe. The stabilizer levelers increase the stability of the base on any flooring the weight bench is utilized. Able to accommodate a user of 430 pounds.

6. Valor DA7 Fitness Flat Bench


The Valor flat bench is made from durable 12 gauge steel, has a dual layer of padding, and is made of high density materials. The height of the pad from the floor is 17 inches, and 4 rubber caps for the base ensure a quiet workout on any type flooring.

5. Body-Solid Powerline Folding Bench


The Body Solid flat bench is the perfect piece of equipment for performing vigorous dumbbell workouts. The bench is equipped with 7 different adjustment positions to add both versatility and resistance. This flat bench supports shoulder presses, chest presses, crunches, and many more challenging exercise routines. The bench can be moved into a flat position, near vertical, declined, and inclined positions. The wheels at the bottom transport allow this bench to easily be moved from location to location effortlessly.

4. Rep Flat Weight Bench for Lifting


The Rep flat bench is the perfect piece of equipment for weight lifting. Made from strong 11 gauge steel, the bench has been tested at 1,000 pounds. The frame is equipped with a thick pad, allowing the user to exercise in comfort. The frame comes with an impressive 5 year warranty, 90 days on the padded materials.

3. PowerBlock Travel Bench


The PowerBlock flat bench is comprised of 14 gauge steel, and allows the user to take this bench on the road to exercise. The removable pins allow you to quickly fold the legs so the bench can be transported into the traveling position. The shoulder strap attached to the bench allow the user to easily carry the bench to and from your vehicle. The perfect flat bench for dumbbell chest presses.

2. XMark XM-7472 Flat Incline Decline Bench


The XMark XM7472 has 7 different back pad adjustments and allows the user to easily transform the machine from the flat to the military position. The 11 gauge steel construction of the frame can easily handle 1,500 pounds. Optional attachments for this flat bench include a leg extension and a preacher curl.

1. The CFF Flat Utility Bench


The CFF flat bench is extremely durable and able to easily handle the most challenging workout. With a 700 pound weight capacity, dual wheels allow for simple transport.

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