10 Best Cheap Running Shoes for Men 2018

Exercise is an important habit to keep you living a healthier life. And, you can actually play different kinds of sports as your exercise. An easier and very popular one would be running. You can do it alone, or you can do it in group. In fact, running is a very good form of exercise because while running, you are going to strengthen your whole body at the same time as well as your lungs, unlike the weight lifting. However, you may need a good pair of shoes for your comfort and convenience. As to ensure you with an easier search, we have selected the 10 best cheap running shoes for men for you to consider.

1. Salomon Men’s XA Pro 3D Trail Running Shoe

1. Salomon Men's XA Pro 3D Trail Running Shoe
Among the the best running shoes for men, Salomon Men’s XA Pro 3D is indeed the stunning one for its design. As you may have witnessed it in the picture, this shoe has an attractive and stylish appearance with the laces to help you ensure the perfect fit to your feet. Meanwhile, its durability is as well highly recognized. Most parts of the shoes are made from high quality synthetic.

2. ASICS Men’s Gel-Kahana 7 Running Shoe

2. ASICS Men's Gel-Kahana 7 Running Shoe
Another trail running shoes for men that worth every penny of yours is ASICS Men’s Gel-Kanana. In addition to its fashionable design, a lot of users who have bought and used this shoes have noticed that it is really comfortable to wear this. And, that helps them a lot for their running exercise. With a combination of different colors, this basic design is available in three beautiful appearances you can select.

3. Altra Men’s Lone Peak 2 Trail Running Shoe

3. Altra Men's Lone Peak 2 Trail Running Shoe
Produced from synthetic and rubber sole, Altra Men’s Lone Peak 2 is another very good quality trail running shoes. It comes in black and yellow as the main colors, and this shoes could dry quite fast after it is washed. With such an affordable price, this Altra Men is even more wanted. By the way, this shoes are made to best fit with those who like trail running, biking and rock climbing.

4. Salomon Men’s Speedcross 3 Trail Running Shoe

4. Salomon Men's Speedcross 3 Trail Running Shoe
Differently for this Salmonon Men’s Speedcross trail running shoes, it seems to have a wired but attractive design. However, it has hit the interest of many customers to make itself very among compared to other trail running shoes on the market. Available in a variety of colors, the Salomon Men’s Speedcross was made up of the synthetic and synthetic sole. Additionally, the contagrip is added to its sole to get ready for your run during the winter. This is really one of the best trail running shoes you could have a try.

5. adidas Performance Men’s Thrasher 1.1 M Trail Running Shoe

5. adidas Performance Men's Thrasher 1.1 M Trail Running Shoe
Adidas is one of the largest brands, and it is not a surprise at all that its shoes appear in our list. As well, this particular model is the Adidas Performance Men’s Thrasher. This certain shoes are made specially for those who like trail running. In terms of quality and durability, after purchasing this, you can feel relax. They are made from very high quality materials of synthetic, and it will be good for you.

6. Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe

6. Merrell Men's Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe
Specially made for hiking and trail running, this Merrell Men’s Moab is made up of leather and mesh with vibram sole. The leather makes it durable, and the mesh makes it greatly comfortable for you. The ventilated mesh will also allow air to flow in and out nicely to comfort your feet. Regarding the customer satisfaction, this Merrell Men’s Moab shoes have had very good recognition from its customers. It gets rated 4.5 stars, for the overall satisfaction.

7. New Balance Men’s MX20v4 Minimus Shoe

7. New Balance Men's MX20v4 Minimus Shoe
Best known for creating best balance for the users, this Men’s MX20v4 is an extremely outstanding pair of shoes you will love badly. At the same time, its design is as well highly attractive with various colors for your options. Generally, the shoes are made up of synthetic and manmade sole. The shoes are in fact best also for intensive training and weight lifters.

8. New Balance Men’s MT10v2 Minimus Trail Running Shoe

8. New Balance Men's MT10v2 Minimus Trail Running Shoe
This is another version for the men balance during their trail running. This pair of shoes will surely satisfy you to the max. It has a nice design, it is highly durable, and it is sold at quite a reasonable price. These make it one of the perfect deals you can get if you are needing the best shoes for your exercise. As for now, 4 available color mixtures of this design are there for you to choose.

9. Columbia Men’s North Plains Waterproof Trail Shoe

9. Columbia Men's North Plains Waterproof Trail Shoe
Made mainly from the sueded leather and textile with the rubber sole, this is another amazing Columbia Men’s trail shoe. As well, the shoes were made waterproof. Though it is raining, you can still do your exercise without getting your feet wet and uncomfortable. The design also is premium, and many of the users who have purchased this came back and rate the shoes very high. They must have loved the shoes dearly.

10. Teva Men’s Churn Performance Water Shoe

10. Teva Men's Churn Performance Water Shoe
The last pair of shoes to recommend is the Teva Men’s Churn Performance. Relating to comfort, durability, and design, this Teva Men’s Churn Shoe is indeed among the best. Though different people might like different design, that one of this Teva Men’s Shoes is liked by the majority of people who have seen it. More importantly, it has been produced from very fine quality materials, making it last quite long to use. You can actually expect a lot from this pair of shoes.

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